Tap, tap, tap…hello, my maker, will you please bring me to the world? That’s how my wooly children begin their journey to “life” in my studio. Sometimes I’m not listening carefully and it takes me a while and a few starts and stops to consider and listen more carefully. Franklin was so kind and sweetContinue reading “Franklin”

Inspiring Emma

Little Emma was tugging at my heart and smiling in my dreams to ask me to bring her and her “big kid” friends into being. She wanted a home and a family to love her and playful doll friends. Emma was a delight to spend my late spring days with and we had lots ofContinue reading “Inspiring Emma”

Little Wooly Ones

Hello dear friends! Whew, it’s been a while! The leaves are changing, falling and it is getting chilly, perfect for sweaters and hot cider. Oh, how I love you October! I hope that you are enjoying the changes in your corner of the world, as well. Lately, my thoughts have been drifting toward smaller dollsContinue reading “Little Wooly Ones”

Shawn Hamilton Stein