Little Wooly Ones

Hello dear friends! Whew, it’s been a while! The leaves are changing, falling and it is getting chilly, perfect for sweaters and hot cider. Oh, how I love you October! I hope that you are enjoying the changes in your corner of the world, as well. Lately, my thoughts have been drifting toward smaller dollsContinue reading “Little Wooly Ones”

Happy Summer!

After a bit of a chilly start here in southeast Michigan, it seems that the warmer weather is here to stay for a while, with abundant sunshine and showers. The beautiful blooms have worked their magic in my studio and the floral fabrics on my work table are slowly taking form as wee dresses. EachContinue reading “Happy Summer!”

My Dear Elsa

I love this girl right down to her toes. We have spent months together in my dreams, both asleep and awake. Weeks of cutting, stitching, stuffing, sewing and crocheting have brought her to life. From her first little whispers, I knew that she was mine. We worked together slowly, Elsa helping to heal me asContinue reading “My Dear Elsa”

Shawn Hamilton Stein