Tap, tap, tap…hello, my maker, will you please bring me to the world? That’s how my wooly children begin their journey to “life” in my studio. Sometimes I’m not listening carefully and it takes me a while and a few starts and stops to consider and listen more carefully. Franklin was so kind and sweet in helping me understand him and I am grateful. We are very happy to share that he is in the studio and ready to find his new home!

Franklin is a 16 inch Waldorf Doll made from Light and Heavy weight Laib Yala doll making jersey in the shade 4323. His head in made with a firm center ball, covered with wool batting, stockinette and a double layer of lightweight jersey fabric. His limbs are rolled and stuffed firmly with Canadian wool stuffing, as are his legs. His tummy is stuffed medium firm. His body is covered with heavyweight jersey. Franklin’s hair is DollyMo WOOLY Mohair yarn, crocheted into a cap and lightly brushed with a wire doll brush. His face is embroidered with DMC cotton floss and his cheeks are blushed with Stockmar beeswax crayon in No.1.

I had lots of fun sewing and knitting for dear little Franklin. I started with Birch Organic knit fabric for his boxers, tee shirt and socks. We are beginning to welcome autumn in southeast Michigan so it is officially corduroy weather! Franklin is wearing grassy green, baby wale knickerbockers and for extra cozy hugs, he has on a beautiful Malabrigo sweater in the “Indiecita” color way. Just when I thought that we were finished with his clothing, he asked for a hat and I had to agree that it was a delightful idea! His polka dot beanie cap is made with Birch Organic knit fabric, as well. I hope that you love him as much as I do!

If you would like to give dear little Franklin a home, he can be found here:

Thank you so much for reading about this sweet little wooly child! Have a delightful day, friends!

Love and wooly hugs,


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