My Dear Elsa

I love this girl right down to her toes. We have spent months together in my dreams, both asleep and awake. Weeks of cutting, stitching, stuffing, sewing and crocheting have brought her to life. From her first little whispers, I knew that she was mine. We worked together slowly, Elsa helping to heal me as I stitched and thought of how making a beloved doll is a magical process and how grateful I am to have found my way to this place in my creative journey. The women in my family for decades have been doll makers of various types and it settled into my heart that this is who we are and to carry on is to honor three generations of my beloveds before me. Powerful message for a delicate little wooly child, Thank you so very much, my dear Elsa.

Love and wooly hugs,

Shawn and Elsa

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