Playful Little Becky

Presenting playful little Becky! She will arrive in your arms ready for a big hug and lots of fun. She loves to play in the garden among the flowers and is requesting lots of stories, especially the ones made up that she’s never heard before. I must tell you that she doesn’t really like naps but she promises to lay quietly and rest when it’s nap time.

The materials that I’ve used to create sweet Becky are as follows: De Witte Engel doll skin fabric from the Netherlands and cleaned and carded wool from Canada. Her hair is made with a crocheted wig cap using fluffy mohair yarn and then strands are added all over the cap, rug hook style, and then braided. I have used DMC cotton floss for the face stitches and Gutermann thread for the sewing of the doll and the clothing. Her cheeks are lightly blushed with Stockmar beeswax crayon No. 1.

Becky is wearing wee, organic cotton knit pink panties under her cotton broadcloth playsuit and her socks are also organic cotton knit. To keep her cosy in cooler weather, she has a super soft merino wool, hand knit sweater and crochet shoes.

If Becky speaks to your heart and you would like to adopt her, please visit my Etsy shop using the menu or email me directly. Thank you so much for your interest in playful Juliana!

Love and wooly hugs,

Shawn and Becky

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